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This site is a resource center for collaborative work among women's groups, inquisitive feminists, women activists, and others. Some of the projects we're working on:

Project Corner

* The Role Model Project for Girls

* Women in Computing Academic Resource List

* Beijing Conference Action and Resource Network

(San Francisco/Bay area, last update 2/98)

* Women on the Internet Workshop

Coming to San Francisco/Bay area soon!

Reader's Corner

* The Role Model Project Bookstore

Support the project through books from Amazon

* Biblio Press

(The Jewish Women's Publisher since 1979)

* Technologies for the Futures of Women

(The Book, The Study Guide)

* Articles of Interest, By and For Women


Things you might be interested to know:
we don't use cookies. We don't track your movement. Your interest in our site is your business. Our logs are private and will not be shared with anyone other than the project leader--for any reason. This site and all projects included here are efforts from our hearts. If you wish to support our work, please tell us or send us a small donation or a link to your work. Add your career to The Role Model Project, or your university to the Women in Computing Academic Resources. We are open to your feedback.

For more info, send email to jclark@womenswork.org.