Role Models




Office manager at a Moving and Storage Company


My husband and I started doing household moving on the weekends as a part time job in 1989. After 2 years our business did so well my husband quit his regular full time job and did moving full time. 2 years after that we decided to get in to the storage business and bought a small lot of land and built a 36 unit storage building. Every year we built more storage buildings until in 1996 we now have 221 units. In 1995 I quit my regular full time job and now take care of all the office calls for moving and all the storage tenants.


You have to like what you do. If you own your own business, you end up living it for a long time in the beginning. It takes a lot of hours out of your life. Be prepared for the long haul. It has it's own rewards. You get out of life wh at you put into it. It's up to you to make a difference in your own life. Take chances.
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