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Private Investigator / Owner of BENOIT INVESTIGATIONS Investigate corporate and individual cases, including Undercover, locates (child abduction, runaways, adoption searches, skip traces, geneology, school reunions, etc.), background checks, surveillance, undercover ops., worker's compensation, process service, employee theft, pre-marital screening, etc...


I had an insatiable curiosity that prevailed! My interests in the law, criminal justice system and passion to help others led to discovery of the Investigative field. During my undergraduate studies I knew Law Enforcement was not my goal and unearthed the fascinating field of PRIVATE Investigations.


Follow your heart! (As they say: Do what you love, the money will follow.) Don't let anyone dissuade you. Private Investigations still is a male dominated field. Many people told me I couldn't do it or that I'd have to be a police officer first to gain experience. NOT TRUE. I conducted numerous informational interviews. One led to my first relevant job - UNDERCOVER for the state of California. I convinced the Pretrial Services of Santa Clara County, CA to give me an internship. Gain experience as well as formal education. Talk to everyone. Each person offers different insights. This field offers variety, challenge and reward. YOU CAN DO IT!

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Monique Benoit BENOIT INVESTIGATIONS PO Box 640312 San Jose, CA 95164-0312 408. 979.1829, Phone 408. 979.1879, Fax
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