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independent consultant - telecom software engineering


i studied many things in college, including political science, russian, bioengineering, and psychology, but couldn't find a career path that i was really enthusiastic about. i graduated with my b.s. in psychology, and then studied for my m.a. in aesthetic perception. all through college, i earned money by programming statistical analyses for researchers. i wasn't crazy about statistical programming, but i was very good at it. i had used the Internet all through college, but i became intrigued with computers and the WWW when i first saw the Mosaic web browser; at first, i thought it would be an inexpensive and easy way to distribute my aesthetic perception research surveys to respondents. at that time, the WWW was relatively unknown. as i worked with the technology, i became more and more involved with promoting the Internet in my community, and volunteered in setting up a Free Net. i happened to bump into an old aquaintance i'd met in summer camp when i was 12. i told him about my interest in the Internet and my helping with the Free Net, and he asked if I'd like to work for his company in setting up a WWW server complex. no one even imagined at that time the WWW would become popular, but i jumped at the chance because i thought i could learn a lot more about the Internet. during my time with that company, the WWW exploded in popularity, we were all amazed and thrilled. a friend i went to high school with saw some of my work on the Internet, and asked if i'd like to work with telecommunications web application development. again, i jumped at the chance, as it was a good opportunity to keep learning and get into actual software development. there, i managed a large intranet and several web servers. i also had the chance to learn a lot about telecommunications. now, i am an independent consultant. i work primarily with telecom application systems analysis and design, but my specialization is in telecom web customer care applications. i *love* what i do.


when i was 16, my job did not exist; there were no web application develeopers. follow what interests and challenges you. your ideal career may not be defined right now... you define it yourself.
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