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Founder and Principal of a consulting company specializing in Web (Internet and Intranet) technology and regulatory management for environmental, health and safety professionals


I was an industrial, occupational EH&S specialist for 17 years, then learned how to use Web technology to do my job better and faster. I was asked to give talks at companies and to various organizations. As the demand increased, I decided to set up my own company focused on this expertize.


There are many exciting and challenging specialties in the field of environmental, health and safety. Take varied science courses (biology, chemistry, etc.) to get a solid base from which to grow. EH&S is a broad career field offering many types of good-paying and fulfilling jobs. If you like to study about plants, ocean/water or land animals, microorganisms, the environment, human health as it relates to the use of or exposure to chemicals, etc., this could be the field for you!
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