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Boss of my own Internet Company A (short) discritption is hard: I do so many diffrent things ! Teaching Internet to all kinds of people (from teenage girs to doctors), designing web pages, thinking up new projects, planning the companys future with my partners, buying new coputers or furniture for the office.


I studied Computer Science at Salzburg University here in Austria [Salzburg as in Mozart or Sound of Music] With three friends (fellow students) I founded my own company in June 1995. We were all doing

Small programming jobs or such stuff. We thought:

when we all pull together, we might be able to afford a small office, and a leased line to the Internet. And we might be able to get bigger projects and make better money. And it worked.


If you're thinking of working with


When I decided to study computer science I thought that my working live would be spent mostly with computers. That was ok with me, because I really enjoy playing around with computers. But now it turns out I spend much more time dealing with people than with computers. And it turns out: thats even more fun ! If your thinking of going into business for


I dont think I would have dared do it all on my own. But with good friends its so much easier. Being business partners does change the friendship in a way: you depend so much on each other, on each person pulling their own wheight. You really have to learn to deal with conflicts.
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