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Note that this is not going to be an exhaustive list, nor a limited catalogue of careers and descriptions. It is a "sampler" and is meant to give girls an idea of the breadth of their choices, encourage them to explore ideas that they may not have thought possible before, and offer ideas about how they could achieve their goals. You don't have to be special to find a career that you like -- just know that you can do it.

The categories below are general ideas. Many of them link to role models, real women currently working in those areas. The category names will take you there!

Women Professionals! Want to add your career to the list? Please fill out our short (easy!) questionaire.

Here are some career fields, represented in no particular order:

  • musician
  • performance
  • sculptor
  • photographer
Building Designers
  • interior designer
  • electrician
  • heating/cooling engineer
  • architect
  • construction worker
  • heavy machine operator
(including the Internet)
  • multimedia developer
  • public relations
  • web designer
Computer Sciences
  • software designer
  • programmer
  • tech support
  • technical writer
  • systems administrator
  • cabinet maker
  • instrument maker
  • printer
  • computer graphics
  • firework maker/designer
  • web sites
  • professors
  • corporate trainers
  • astronautical
  • chemical
  • industrial
  • civil
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • computer
  • actresses
  • comedian
  • TV show plot writer
  • piano tuner
  • animator
  • business owners
  • investment advisor
  • real estate agent
  • film
  • metal and art restorers
  • archeologist
Journalists & Writers
  • editor
  • photojournalist
  • technical writer
  • novelist/playwrite/poet
  • comic book writer
  • civil liberties lawyers
  • judges
  • police sargent
  • chef
  • hotel management
  • catering
  • wineries
  • travel agent
Library & Information Sciences
  • corporate information officer
  • library automation specialist
  • preservation, restoration, & archiving specialist
  • directors
  • managers
  • presidents
  • equipment specifier
  • packaging science
Mass Media
  • broadcasters
  • camera women
  • producers
  • reporters
Medical & Medical Services
  • Ob/Gyn
  • pediatrician
  • pathologist
  • surgeon
  • shaman/healer
  • transcriptionists
  • Forest ranger
  • landscaper
  • rancher
  • fisherwoman
  • lumber jack
  • governor
  • mayor
  • member of house/senate
  • social policy evaluators
Safety & Occupational Health
  • hazardous materials manager
  • safety manager
Sales & Marketing
  • account executive
  • advertising director
  • marketing & communications (marcom) manager
  • marketing representative
  • astronomer
  • astronaut
  • biologist
  • chemist
  • oceanographer
  • zoologist
Social Structure
  • activists
  • ambulance driver
  • firefighter
  • private investigator
  • social worker
  • jockey
  • runner
  • baseball
  • golf
  • fencing
Technicians/Technical Fields
  • lab technicians
  • sound engineer
  • repair technician
  • phone line worker
  • online researcher
  • bush pilot
  • commercial airline pilot
  • railroad worker
  • ship's captain
  • trucker
  • flight controller
  • tool and die maker
  • moldmaker
  • machinist
  • pattern maker
  • sheetmetal mechanic
  • welder
Wild Cards!
  • outstanding women whose careers would be hard to follow!

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We have intentionally left out a few careers for the following reasons:

Elementary, Secondary and High School Teachers
They are common role models in the lives of 9-16 year olds.
Same as primary school teachers.
The Military
Most careers are available in the private sector!
Our principled stand supporting non-violence makes it impossible for The Role Model Project to do an objective and credible job of advocating military careers for girls. We would not hesitate to link to another site, if one exists, that does address the issues raised in military careers and the special needs of women. If you know of such a site, or of a woman or women in the military that would be interested in creating one, please let us know.

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